Xavier University School of Medicine Students Participate In Annual Research Symposium

By: Shanice Oduro
Ontario, Canada

On the February 14, 2023, the students at Xavier University School of Medicine participated in the Annual Research Symposium. It was a time of learning, supporting, and congratulating both students and faculty for their hard work and dedicated time spent on their research. There were various number of posters that were submitted both from faculty and students and certificates and awards were presented to students.

The start of the Research Symposium began with professor Dr. Sweta Das opened with the purpose of the event. The Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Arun Dubey, gave an inspirational message on the purpose of not only participating in research throughout medical school but also being the researcher. He explained that research is paramount in furthering one’s medical education. In his time, it was mandatory for one to get published and he urged all participating students to keep up the great work throughout their medical studies doing research.

Adeola Folorunso (MD3) explained that when completing her research, she examined living in Canada, specifically the province of Saskatchewan. She came to the realization that there were certain flaws in the government system that portrays living in Canada as a well fit for all; however, there are many issues of homelessness and poverty that are unfortunately overlooked. Her specific research looked at “Improving Health Disparity in Canada – A Case Report of Poverty Reduction.”

Various research posters were displayed, and a group of judges present to ask various questions about the research that the students were presenting. At the end of the evening, first, second, and third prizes were awarded to the students who did an exceptional job.

There was a three-way tie for third prize:

  • Alan Adam (MD5) and Kevin Ram (MD5) with their poster entitled “Estimation of Risk for Cardiovascular Disease within Different Age Groups in Aruba: Cross Sectional Study”
  • Theodore Cooper (MD1) with his poster entitled “Removal of Nitrates and Phosphates Coupled with Simultaneous Electricity Production using Sediment Microbial Fuels Cells (sMFCs)”
  • Gabriella David with her poster entitled “Crisponi Syndrome 1: Reporting a Novel Variant and Expanded Phenotype”.

The second prize was given to:

  • Reilly Booker (MD1), Rielyn Booker(MD1), and Rian Booker (MD1), with their poster entitled “Perception, Attitudes, and Knowledge of Hand Hygiene Amongst Students in a Caribbean Medical School”.

The First Prize was awarded to:

  • Kamal Khan (MD5) with his poster entitled “Pandemic on Mental Health Status of Different Age Groups in a Sample Population in Aruba.”

We want to say a huge congratulations to all students and faculty who participated in the Annual Research Day. We are looking forward to more posters done by our students and faculty in the future!