This Is Xavier

How much can you learn about your future in 3.5 minutes? It turns out, quite a bit. Find everything you need to know about XUSOM in this brief but informative video. Explore key areas such as the university’s accreditation, scholarship programs, classes, faculty, state-of-the-art laboratories, clinical rotations, residency match, our beautiful residential and academic campuses, luxury amenities, and more. Is XUSOM right for you? Well, seeing is believing.

Residential Campus Overview

Receive a full tour of XUSOM’s residential campus. Get an inside view of the two-bedroom suites, grounds, cafe, fitness area, pool, transportation, security and more.

Residential Campus Fly Over

Check out our residential campus from a drone’s perspective. Get a birds eye view of the gorgeous grounds, recreational and athletic fields and residential building fully equipped with solar panels.