Tuition and Fees

Xavier University School of Medicine is committed to making a quality medical education affordable for every student. Student loans and scholarships are available to qualifying students.

Basic Science Program

Semesters 1-5

Tuition and Fees per Semester

Semester 6

Tuition and Fees for Semester


Total Basic Science (1-6) Cost








Clinical Science Program

Semesters 1-6

Tuition and Fees Semester 1

Tuition and Fees Semesters 2-4

Tuition and Fees Semester 5

Tuition and Fees Semester 6

Total Program Cost








Total Cost for MD Program$156,000
Pre-Med Program

4 Semesters

Tuition and Fees per Semester

Total Program Cost





Total Cost for Pre-Med and MD Program$179,600


Additional Estimated Fees

Registration Fee (one time)

Immigration Processing Fee (one time)

Housing (Campus sponsored per semester)

Student Health Insurance

Books and Supplies (one time)

Mal Practice Insurance (clinical only/per year)

Late Tuition Fee

Late Registration Fee

Health Insurance Premium Fee

Graduation Fee

Reexamination Fee MD (Per re-take, pass or fail)

Pre-Med (Per re-take, pass or fail)

MD 6 LOA Fees (Per Month)

Clinical LOA Fees (Per Week)

Credit Card/Debit Card Transaction Fee

Re-Admit Fee (North America)

Re-Admit Fee (Outside North America)

Transcript Request (Current Students)

Transcript Request (Alumni)

Check Bounce Fee

Credit Card Decline Fee



$500-$2,600 (based on citizenship)


Based on age





$320 +/- depending on age (per semester)






3% service charge per credit card transaction







*Updated as of June 2019, Fees are subject to change

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to those students who qualify for our loan programs.




For more information regarding tuition, scholarships, or financial aid, please contact either or

Approval by New York State Education Department

Seal of the New York State Education DepartmentOn July 17th, 2020, the New York Board of Regents voted to approve Xavier University School of Medicine Aruba to place students in long-term clinical clerkship in New York State for 7 years. This is the longest term of approval that can be given to an International Medical School.

New York State Education Department approval allows:

• Xavier graduates to enter residency training in New York

• Xavier students to complete all 72 weeks of clinical training in New York teaching hospitals