The best value of any Caribbean medical school.

There are only eight Caribbean medical schools that are fully accredited and approved by New York State. As you can see below, Xavier is the best value of them all.

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School 3
School 4
School 5
School 6
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School 8

One of the biggest deterrents to attending medical school is the high cost of tuition. At Xavier, you’ll find that we are the exception — the ideal combination of financial affordability and accredited world-class medical training. Moreover, a variety of flexible scholarship and financial aid programs puts a quality medical education well within reach of every student.

ScholarshipFinancial Aid

Basic Science
Basic Science (MD) 1$13,200
Basic Science (MD) 2$13,200
Basic Science (MD) 3$13,200
Basic Science (MD) 4$13,200
Basic Science (MD) 5$13,200
Basic Science (MD) 6$13,900
Total Basic Science Cost $79,900

Clinical Science
Clinical Medicine 1 (18 weeks) $23,400
Clinical Medicine 2 (18 weeks) $23,400
Clinical Medicine 3 (12 weeks) $15,600
Clinical Medicine 4 (12 weeks) $15,600
Clinical Medicine 5 (12 weeks) $15,600
Clinical Medicine 6 (12 weeks) $15,600
Total Clinical Science Cost (84 weeks)$109,200

Pre-Med Program
Pre-Med (PM) 1 $6,500
Pre-Med (PM) 2$6,500
Pre-Med (PM) 3$6,500
Pre-Med (PM) 4 $6,500
Total Pre-Med Cost$26,000

Additional Estimated Fees
Registration Fee (PM/MD) $1,000
Registration Fee (Clinical) $2,000
Immigration Processing Fee (one-time)$500 - $2,600 (based on citizenship)
On-Campus Housing (full room and board)$6,600 (per semester)
Student Health Insurance$320 +/- (depending on age, per semester)
Books & Supplies (one-time) $925
Malpractice Insurance (Clinical Science only)$1,500 (per year)

*Updated as of February 1, 2022. Tuition and fees are subject to change.
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