One of the biggest deterrents to attending medical school is the high cost of tuition. At Xavier, you’ll find that we are the exception — the ideal combination of financial affordability and accredited world-class medical training. Moreover, a variety of flexible scholarship and financial aid programs puts a quality medical education well within reach of every student.

ScholarshipFinancial Aid

Basic Science
Basic Science (MD) 1$13,900
Basic Science (MD) 2$13,900
Basic Science (MD) 3$13,900
Basic Science (MD) 4$13,900
Basic Science (MD) 5$13,900
Basic Science (MD) 6$14,600
Total Basic Science Cost $84,100

Clinical Science
Clinical Medicine 1 (18 weeks) $24,750
Clinical Medicine 2 (18 weeks) $24,750
Clinical Medicine 3 (12 weeks) $16,500
Clinical Medicine 4 (12 weeks) $16,500
Clinical Medicine 5 (12 weeks) $16,500
Clinical Medicine 6 (12 weeks) $16,500
Total Clinical Science Cost (84 weeks)$115,500

Pre-Med Program
Pre-Med (PM) 1 $6,500
Pre-Med (PM) 2$6,500
Pre-Med (PM) 3$6,500
Pre-Med (PM) 4 $6,500
Total Pre-Med Cost$26,000

Additional Estimated Fees
Registration Fee (PM/MD) $1,000
Registration Fee (Clinical) $2,000
Immigration Processing Fee (one-time)$500 - $2,600 (based on citizenship)
On-Campus Housing (full room and board)$7,000 (per semester)
Student Health Insurance$320 +/- (depending on age, per semester)
Books & Supplies (one-time) $925
Malpractice Insurance (Clinical Science only)$1,500 (per year)

*Updated as of November 1, 2023. Tuition and fees are subject to change.
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