Did you know that one reason behind the ongoing physician shortage is because there is a shortage of available residency positions where medical students can complete their required postgraduate training. The good news, however, is there is hope on the horizon as lawmakers work to pass the Resident Shortage Reduction Act of 2023, which would increase residency positions throughout the nation.

What is the Resident Shortage Reduction Act?

Introduced by U.S. Representatives Terri Sewell (D-Ala.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), this groundbreaking bipartisan legislation aims to increase the number of Medicare-funded residency positions by 14,000 over the next seven years to combat a predicted shortage of 124,000 physicians by 2034 according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

We are excited to explore how this new legislation may be the turning point to ease the physician shortage. Do you have a dream to become a doctor? Read on to learn about Xavier’s commitment to turning your dream into a reality.

Closing the gap

This past March, approximately 43,000 medical graduates braced themselves for Match Day—the day when they would discover where they were to train for residency and in what field of medicine. As exciting and nerve-wracking as that day might have been, the reality was there were just 40,375 residency positions available. This means that approximately 2,600 applicants must wait an entire year to reapply. The new legislation would help close this gap by adding 2,000 residency positions—each year for seven years—to ensure there will be a steady supply of trained professionals to emphasize the goal of the legislation in meeting the growing demand for healthcare services.

Addressing primary care and underserved communities

The shortage of primary care physicians—especially in underserved areas—contributes to the significant challenge of providing access to quality healthcare for all Americans. The Resident Shortage Reduction Act emphasizes the importance of this shortfall and encourages the placement of residents in these vulnerable populations.

Xavier’s pathway to success

An increasing number of U.S., Canadian and international students are earning their medical degrees in the Caribbean. Can you blame them? We already know the islands are beautiful. But were you aware of all the ways in which Xavier helps students achieve success so that they can live out their dreams of becoming doctors? If you are still intent on a career in medicine, here a few ways of how earning a medical degree at Xavier can give you a competitive edge over students who attend other Caribbean medical schools:

  • Clinical rotations—Xavier is unique in that it has an ongoing commitment to building a network of established hospitals and clinical institutions across the U.S. and Canada where students can be placed for clinical rotations and residency. Xavier has a dedicated team that locates and schedules students for their clinical rotations based on interest and fit which ultimately positions students favorably for residency.
  • Residencies—There’s no denying that the residency process is highly competitive. That’s why Xavier organizes the Alumni Global Meet—an exceptional event designed to provide students with valuable networking opportunities, connections, and insights into the residency process through informative lectures and engaging panel discussions. At Xavier, we recognize the significance of early preparation for residency, which is why we emphasize its importance right from the beginning of medical school.
  • Affordability—Yes, medical school is expensive. At Xavier, however, we believe that money should not prevent you from achieving your dream of becoming a doctor. Did you know that Xavier is the most affordable, fully accredited and New York State-approved medical school in the Caribbean? To help with tuition, students from the U.S. have access to the MedInvest Private Student Loan Program and GI Bill. Canadian students can use federal provincial loans through the Canadian government. On top of that, Xavier offers 14 scholarship opportunities for students from all walks of life – in fact, 55% of all eligible new students receive a scholarship. We will also work with you to come up with a payment plan that will work within your financial means.
  • Commitment to Diversity—Xavier makes a medical education possible for all students who have the passion and drive to become doctors, no matter their socioeconomic background, test scores or financial status. Xavier graduates bring their expertise to rural areas that need medical assistance the most. Xavier is committed to providing access to quality healthcare for all Americans.

There’s never been a better time to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor. The process for applying to Xavier is simple and straightforward. Additionally, you can count on our faculty and staff to support you through your medical school journey every step of the way. Apply today!