By: Dr. Prasad Dr. Brumley

On November 22, 2019, the faculty members of Xavier University School of Medicine completed a nine month program and received “The Certificate in Medical Teaching” from Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada. Xavier University in an effort to strengthen the on-going faculty development activities collaborated with Memorial University of Newfoundland to enhance and equip the faculty in recent advances in medical education. Xavier University School of Medicine believes that Training the Trainer is important for moving forward towards achieving the University’s Mission and Vision. The Certificate in Medical Teaching not only helps in personal and professional development of the faculty, but also fosters a healthy teaching – learning environment and enhances the success of the medical students.

Earlier this year, thirteen faculty members of the Basic sciences were enrolled into an online Certificate in Medical Teaching course sponsored by the Xavier University School of Medicine. The Certificate in Medical Teaching was facilitated by Xavier’s Associate Dean of Faculty Development Dr. Vernon Curran, who is also the Associate Dean of Educational Development, and Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland. During the coursework the faculty presented webinars, attended workshops, on various topics in medical education and in addition were also required to complete a project in medical education. The program concluded with week long activities that included presentations of the Projects by the faculty, the discussions on topics of medical education and finally the Presentation Ceremony.

Topics covered were:

  1. Scholarship in Medical Education
  2. Perspectives on Medical Teaching
  3. Theories of Learning and Medical Teaching
  4. Curriculum Models in Medical Education
  5. Curriculum Planning in Medical Education
  6. Medical Teaching Methods
  7. Clinical Teaching in Medicine
  8. Innovations in Medical Teaching
  9. Assessment in Medical Education and
  10. Fundamentals of Program Evaluation

Projects topics were:

  1. Anatomage table
  2. OSCE standard setting
  3. Flipped classroom
  4. Clickers
  5. Biochemistry teaching and
  6. Cognitive achievement

Overall the program of “The Certificate in Medical Teaching” was a grand success with each of the faculty developing their own niche via the projects in medical education and is a new feather in the cap for both the Faculty and the University. With the knowledge acquired in medical education we are looking forward to implement new innovative strategies in delivering effective lectures to enhance the student learning at Xavier University School of Medicine.