India’s Ambassador to the Netherlands Visits Xavier University Aruba

Xavier University School of Medicine was honored to host the India’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mrs. Reenat Sandhu, along with the First Secretary (Economics & Commerce), Mr. Satya Pinisetty on two occasions last week.

The visits aimed to foster stronger ties between India and the local Aruban community while recognizing Xavier University Aruba’s pivotal role in medical education, community engagement and development.

Xavier University Aruba’s Chief Academic officer Dr. Arun Kumar Dubey welcomed Mrs. Sandhu and Mr. Pinisetty, elaborating on Xavier’s vision, objectives, and its substantial contributions to medical education globally. He highlighted our institution’s accreditation by ACCM and approval by New York State, emphasizing quality education in medicine and allied sciences, and its significant societal contributions in Aruba. Dr. Dubey also described the state-of-the-art infrastructure and upcoming facilities on the new academic campus. Notably, he introduced the impending launch of the Veterinary program and introduced Dr. Ravindra P Veeranna, the Dean of Veterinary Science.

Ambassador Mrs. Sandhu commenced her speech on August 25 in Xavier’s Auditorium by expressing gratitude to the Indian community and extended appreciation to Xavier University for hosting the program. She praised the university’s contributions to education and society in Aruba.

Continuing her engagement, the Ambassador, accompanied by the First Secretary, visited Xavier University’s Residential Campus on August 26. The visit aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of our institution’s history, vision, objectives, and infrastructure. The Ambassador displayed keen interest in the university’s journey, affiliations, and collaborations, lauding President Ravi Bhooplpaur’s journey as a change-maker in modern India. She commended the campus’s state-of-the-art facilities, highlighting their affordability and quality. Ambassador Sandhu applauded our commitment to affordable education without compromising standards.

Her Excellency Mrs. Reenat Sandhu ‘s visit significantly enriched our institution’s recognition and reputation. We extend our gratitude to Ambassador Sandhu and Mr. Pinisetty for their insightful engagement and look forward to future collaborations.