From Canada to Aruba: Amritdeep Randhawa's Journey to Xavier University School of Medicine

Name: Dr. Amritdeep Randhawa
Xavier Graduation Year: 2024
Match Location: Sparrow Hospital / Michigan State University
Specialty: Family Medicine
Choice Match Location: First choice

Amritdeep Randhawa has embarked on a transformative journey that would lead him from his hometown of Vancouver, Canada to Aruba and the United States to pursue his dream of becoming a physician.

“During my undergraduate studies, I worked at a long-term care home for adults living with disabilities,” Amritdeep reflected. “That experience motivated me to go to medical school because I enjoyed working with those people so much.”

Upon completing his undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Amritdeep found himself at a crossroads, contemplating his next steps in the journey towards his dream. Inspired by the experiences of upper classmates who had ventured abroad for their medical education, he began exploring his options, ultimately setting his sights on Xavier University School of Medicine.

“Xavier University School of Medicine offered a great balance of affordability and accreditation status,” Amritdeep explained. “It seemed like the perfect fit for me.”

As he stepped onto the sun-kissed shores of Aruba, Amritdeep was greeted by a community of fellow aspiring physicians from around the world, each sharing a common passion for healing and service. The journey ahead would be challenging, but he was determined to make the most of every opportunity that came his way.

Throughout his time at Xavier, Amritdeep immersed himself in the rigors of medical education, embracing the countless hours of studying and hands-on learning experiences and getting very involved in campus life, including being a member of the Alpha Omega student mentoring program and as a tutor in the Academic Support Program.

“I enjoyed the accessibility of the library for the students, as well as the availability of the professors after the day’s classes ended,” Amritdeep recalled. “It was very helpful to have them available at a moment’s notice just down the hallway.”

But it wasn’t just academics that defined Amritdeep’s journey at Xavier; it was also the moments of respite spent soaking in the island’s natural beauty and unwinding at the beach after a long day of studying. Aruba became not just a backdrop for his education, but a sanctuary—a place where he could find balance amidst the demands of medical school. “Some of my best friends and best memories were made in Aruba,” Amritdeep added.

After passing USMLE Step 1 on his first attempt, Amritdeep had the opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience during his clinical rotations across various cities, including Chicago, Baltimore, Aurora, and Lansing.

Immersing himself in these different environments allowed him to gain invaluable insights into the complexities of healthcare delivery and witness firsthand the unique challenges faced by both patients and providers in each location. “I enjoyed being able to move and see new locations and perspectives of the people and providers that lived and worked there,” Amritdeep reflected. By experiencing a range of healthcare systems and patient populations, he developed a comprehensive understanding of medical practice and honed his clinical skills, preparing him for the challenges ahead in his medical career.

Throughout this journey, Xavier University School of Medicine faculty and staff played a pivotal role in shaping Amritdeep’s path to success in the residency match process. “Having the ability to have uninterrupted clinical rotations as well as ease of scheduling my shelf examinations definitely allowed me to spend more time working on my USMLE examinations as well as my residency application. I also found it helpful to consult with upper classmates from Xavier who previously matched, and gain their insight. The clinical science department as well as the registrar office were always willing to help answer any questions I had.

As a result of his experiences at Xavier University School of Medicine and his dedication to academic and clinical excellence, Amritdeep successfully matched into his first-choice residency program at Sparrow Hospital / Michigan State University in Family Medicine.

Amritdeep graduated from XUSOM at the May 2024 ceremony in Aruba, where he was named the valedictorian of Xavier University School of Medicine’s Class of 2024.

In his valedictorian address, Dr. Randhawa expressed profound gratitude to the Xavier faculty and staff for their unwavering support throughout his medical education. “First and foremost, I want to express my appreciation to our dedicated faculty and staff here at Xavier who have supported us throughout this rigorous journey,” he said.

“It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m grateful for every moment.”