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Experience of the Newbies

By:  Navneet Dhaliwal, PM4   “Bon dia!” was one of the first few words processed upon arrival on the island. Coming as a tourist with…

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2017 White Coat Ceremony

By: Jennifer Khan   For me, science is a family approach. Ever since I could remember, medicine was embedded within my family, as my dad…

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Alumni Global Meet: Faculty Perspective

By: Ms. Kendra N. Parson and Dr. Gabriel Andrade   On September 29th, 2017, Xavier University School of Medicine hosted the first annual Global Alumni…

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Alumni Global Meet: Student Perspective

By: Artem Artemev, MD1   Xavier University has reached a new historic milestone, and we were honored to be an integral part of it. Since…

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Opinion: Should All Doctors be Culturally Sensitive?

By: Dr. Gabriel Andrade, Lecturer of Behavioral Sciences   Prior to teaching Behavioral Science at Xavier University School of Medicine, I was for many years…

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A Morning Health Fair at AZV

By: Zenobia Tayeb, MD3   With the collective effort between various XUSOM clubs AMSA, FMIG, PMIG, and SGA, the management and execution of a health…

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Why Study at a Caribbean Medical School?  

The pressure of getting into Medical School can be daunting, especially for those that have struggled with the MCAT, tuition expenses, and a lower high…

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Prerequisites For Medical School

No matter where you apply in the United States, medical school admission is competitive as they compare applicants based on their academic accomplishments as early…

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