Xavier Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony

  • Jun 19, 2018
  • By Daniel Moses

On Saturday, June 16th, 2018, Xavier University School of Medicine held its eleventh Graduation Ceremony. This year’s festivities took place at St. John’s University in Queens, New York.


52 graduates took the stage to receive their coveted hoods and well-earned diplomas. These students have spent tireless hours in their studies, and it was wonderful to see them finally graduate. Graduates Christophe Jerjian, Salutatorian, and Roopak Sekhon, Valedictorian, had the honor of addressing their fellow graduates during the ceremony. Christophe spoke about responsibility, and its new definition now that they are MDs. Roopak talked about trust and respect, and emphasized the importance of respect for colleagues in the medical field, including those who do not have an MD after their names. These two students were honored with plaques to commemorate their successes.


Xavier had the pleasure of welcoming back an alumnus to address the graduates: Dr. A. Aboud. Dr. Aboud is currently at Michigan State University Hospital in a Family Medicine residency. Dr. Aboud gave the students advice about their futures, and how to be successful during residency. Some of his tips included goal setting, the importance of organization, and how to acknowledge one’s strengths and weaknesses and learn from mistakes. Xavier encourages alumni to continue their involvement with the University, and it was wonderful to welcome back Dr. Aboud for this special event.


Aside from students, Xavier was honored to have many dignitaries present for the event, including Chairman Edwin Casey, Chancellor Dr. J.G. Bhat, President Ravishankar Bhooplapur, Trustee Dr. Obi Nwasokwa, Trustee Dr. Anthony Shallash, Trustee Mr. Frank Croes, Trustee Dr. Ravindra Kota, Advisor Dr. Dayan Naik, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Arun Dubey, Associate Provost Dr. Burton Herz, Clinical Deans Dr. Joseph Balsamo and Dr. Ahmad Abazid, Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Richard Pestell, Clinical Chairs, Dr. Paul Liu, Dr. Parvez Mir, and Dr. Sanjivan Patel, Vice Chair of Internal Medicine Dr. Ramesh Naik, and Professor Neelam Dwivedi. Xavier also had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Harry Jacobson as the Keynote Speaker.


Dr. Jacobson earned his MD from the University of Illinois, and went on to complete a residency at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. He now serves as the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of TriStar Health Partners. In his address to the graduates, he touched on a number of topics, including health care in America, and the opportunities that are now available to students with their MDs. It is not just that they are doctors, they can now conduct research, enter into academics, and become entrepreneurs. Xavier thanks Dr. Jacobson for attending.


Members of the Board of Trustees also spoke to the students and gave their advice for the future. Chancellor Dr. J.G. Bhat talked about the changing medical field, and how students now need to study societal concerns in medicine, whereas in the past it was purely about diagnosis. Chairman Mr. Edwin Casey defined success and love, and stated the importance of sharing success with others. Finally, President Ravishankar Bhooplapur talked about the growing technology available to these new graduates, but how they must always remember to be empathetic towards their patients. Technology may change over time, but empathy and connecting with patients never will.


Graduation is always a wonderful opportunity to recognize students and their successes, and congratulate them and their loved ones for all of their hard work. Xavier cannot wait to see where these students go in the future and have them among our prestigious alumni.


Xavier University School of Medicine 2018 Graduates:

1. Abdulmuttaleb Al Soufi
2. Amar Gokli
3. Andrea Hernandez *
4. Angitha Alex
5. Biju Kallumkal
6. Chidelu Onyeani-Nwosu *
7. Christophe Jerjian *
8. Dale Adebayo
9. David Martinez
10. Fahad Nagaria
11. Farah Khan
12. Harija Khan
13. Hashem Rifai
14. Jenna Rabadi-Innabi
15. Jessica Kainth
16. Karisma Kothari
17. Kaycee Umeoji *
18. Majd Jazaerly
19. Manpreet Kaur
20. Marcus Jennings
21. Maria Belaev
22. Michael Arroyo
23. Mohammed Hnoosh
24. Mohsin Altaf
25. Nabeel Borazan
26. Nabil Ahmed
27. Naval Walia *
28. Nejma Louahlia
29. Neveen Al-Atiyat
30. Parshotam Kundan
31. Pooja Bathija
32. Pooja Solanki
33. Pratick Patel
34. Rafay Cheema
35. Rami Sakaan
36. Robert Statz
37. Rochard Sauveur *
38. Roopak Sekhon *
39. Samer Al-Daheen
40. Sean Arora
41. Seshu Pisipati
42. Seung Eun Kim
43. Shabnam Zahedi
44. Shannon Arora
45. Sheila Joshi
46. Shivan Patel
47. Suha Qasem
48. Tatyana Beaubrun
49. Terence Riley
50. Utsav Aiya
51. Vishal Ganta
52. Zain Nagaria

* With honors