The Bright Reds in the Pink of Health by the Deep Blue

  • Dec 01, 2017
  • By mwadmin

By: Dr. Malpe Surekha Bhat, Faculty participant at the Polio run


Rotary International is known to put service above self. To that effect, the Rotary Club in Aruba organizes an annual Polio run to eradicate Polio through its End Polio Now campaign. XUSOM supports this noble cause by motivating its students, staff, and faculty to participate in the walk. November 2017 was no exception. On November 18th at 4:00, the excitement and enthusiasm of the registered students, staff, and faculty – men and women in bright red – filled the air below the dark clouds, nigh the blue sea, by the sandy sea-shore at the Fisherman’s hut. The wait for the flagging of the run was as exciting as the run itself, with some participants killing time through aerobics, some through light dance steps, some by sitting in relaxed postures on the sand, and some through impatient loitering around. No sooner did the organizer signal the start than the participants fleeted through to make it among the fastest few to complete the run. The 5 km run was completed in ranges of less than 30 minutes, to more than 60 minutes, and everything in between by the heterogeneous stamina of XUSOM runners. Excitement and enthusiasm continued even after the run with the early finishers pranking the later ones, and the later huffing-puffing finishers in no energy to respond or react to the pranks. The long and short of the entire event was the achievement of one goal – run for a cause, run to eradicate polio. It was this goal that was the melting pot of the fastest and the slowest, the excited and the sober, the fit and the sore. All emerged content and happy at the finish of the run and at the end of what had initially seemed a sultry day.

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