Holiday Inn Health Fair

Holiday Inn Health Fair

  • Nov 06, 2018
  • By Daniel Moses

By: Dr.Segie Apacible

On October 17th, Wednesday, the Holiday Inn Resort on Aruba invited XUSOM to participate in their annual health week for their employees. XUSOM sent the SGA (Student Goverment Association) and FMIG (Family Medicine Interest Group) officers along with a few other volunteer students and three faculty members (Dr. Segie, Dr. Gopi and Dr. Manisha) and they set-up at the middle of the Las Palmas Ballroom. The event started at 2:00 PM. They performed health screening including Blood Glucose check, Blood Cholesterol check, Blood pressure check, BMI (body mass index) and the final consultation. At 5:00 PM, they saw approximately 100 patients, which included managers, chefs, housekeeping, pool attendants and others. The students did a good job of showing their skills and knowledge of their assigned jobs under the supervision of the faculty members. The event organizers of Holiday Inn Resort, Aruba were very happy and impressed, and there will be a chance for XUSOM to be invited again next year.

There were other companies and government offices that participated as well. IBISA, a government office actively involved in the promotion of good health by eating right and good exercise, they also organize marathons. Cuerpo Policial (Local Police) had their own booth, where they talked about home theft and armed robbery prevention and what to do in case it happens. Cuts and Curves, a local health fitness club, was also there showing people some beneficial exercises.

Aside from bigger health fairs like the one at Holiday Inn, our students also volunteer in what we call “mini health fairs”, simply because only one test is performed, which is the Blood pressure check. Currently, 2 big supermarkets and a gym are the usual establishments where the mini health fairs are done. Super Foods and Do It Center have been very accommodating for the last year and a half, allowing our students to set up a table and take blood pressure of customers who are interested. My Fitness Gym, which 3 branches in Aruba, had approached us more than a year ago and requested for our students to perform blood pressure check on their clients once a week at one of their branches. Just recently, Ling and Sons has also allowed our students to set up a table in their store, and take blood pressure of customers that are interested. This mini health fair is scheduled every Tuesday when the store has their 20% off on all fruits and vegetables which is their way of spreading good health by eating right.

The health fairs, either big or small, is a good way for XUSOM to reach out and give back to the community of Aruba and helps educate the people about the importance of having good health.