Grade School Visit

  • Jul 01, 2016
  • By Daniel Moses

On Tuesday, June 28th, 2016, ~40 of St. Anna’s 6th grade students came to the campus of XUSOM for a tour and to participate in a series of activities hosted by the Pediatrics Medical Interest Group.


While on campus, the St. Anna students were divided up into their two respective classes (6A with Ms. Sharlene Starke / 6B with Mr. Pedro Tromp) and each class was then taken on a tour of the campus, while the other group remained in the XUSOM auditorium to participate in activities. On the tour, students were introduced to microscopes with prepared tissue slides including liver, spleen, bone, kidney and heart. The highlight for the students during the tour came when they were allowed to see the preserved human cadavers and anatomically sections body parts the medical students at XUSOM use to learn from.


Meanwhile, in the auditorium, the second group of students were further subdivided and brought through various rotating stations, where they were given the chance to learn about reflexes, testing some of the five senses, proper use of instrumentation including blood pressure and stethoscopes, where they were taught how to properly take a pulse, identify a person’s blood pressure range, were able to hear heart and lung sounds and taught how to perform a host of clinical tests.


The event culmination involved an anatomy trivia game, where the two groups were asked a barrage of questions about various topics that they learned throughout the course of their morning.


The entire event was hosted by the XUSOM Pediatric Medical Interest Group(PMIG) which included the President-Karla Simmonds; Vice President-Adrian Smith; Treasurer-Adebola Adegbite; Secretary-Maria Jose Cristofori and Communications/Event Coordinator-Oladipupo Osunbunmi along with organization members and volunteers Leshelle Smart, Sherelle Smart, Jeena Patel, Jacky Bekhit, Amilcar Toro, Juhi Manivannan, Alexa Flores, Sanad Alghizzawi, Rahim Ali, and supported by the Student Government President-Chis Iordano. Its supervising faculty included Dr. Gil Apacible II, Dr. Laura Varela and Dr. Nandy.


This event was a tremendous success and both the faculty of St. Anna and XUSOM have requested that it become a recurring event here at XUSOM as it has proven to be a wonderful way for both young students to be introduced to medicine as well as allow for an opportunity for current medical students to hone their skills.

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