Alumni Global Meet: Student Perspective

  • Oct 16, 2017
  • By Daniel Moses

By: Artem Artemev, MD1


Xavier University has reached a new historic milestone, and we were honored to be an integral part of it. Since the University’s establishment, none of the students of past years enjoyed such an event- The Alumni Global Meet 2017. XUSOM Leadership have gathered Alumni, faculty and board members from across the world; individuals who dedicated their lives to better XUSOM and the medical profession. Students were at awe at the organization level presented as they walked into the auditorium, and many were excited to meet those who made their dream to be a doctor a reality.


As introductions started, students got to know extraordinary individuals with great accomplishments and are true role models. Stories of the first years of XUSOM came up, and everybody realized what tremendous work was done and the challenges that the University’s pioneers encountered, especially the Deans, Dr. Dubey, and Dr. Gil Apacible and all the other members of the panel. Words of wisdom and encouragement touched every single student and added fire in the burning desire to become MD’s.


Following that, three directors of residency programs from different reputable health centers presented their medical journeys, spoke about their centers and had interactive presentations, each with its own specialty and medical focus, which every student could relate to. Students were given valuable tips and guidance on success in medical school and the rotations and searching for residency, including how to be a competitive candidate that residency directors will be interested in. With a light and informal atmosphere, student could ask burning questions and voice their own opinions on different matters.


The most important part of the Alumni Meet was meeting past students and alumni. The panel, consisting of current MDs, practicing or not from many different years of graduation, presented their journey in the medical field, along with struggles and successes. They presented the students multiple useful topics- USMLE passing tips, residency, clinical rotations, strategies for Canadian students and the reality of practicing medicine in a real-world setting. However, the main benefit to many students was meeting individuals who went through the same journey with the same ups and downs, challenges and experiences. They provided an example of a success story and shows that anything is possible if you put your mind and work into it.


With a great triumph the Alumni Meet ended, and XUSOM students gained valuable insight and information on the journey ahead of them, boosting self confidence and the passion involved in being a medical student. A great success, the Global Alumni Meet is a promising event the students are looking forward to experience once again, and an event that marks the successful and productive past and the bright and great future of XUSOM. Thank you for making it happen!

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