Behavioral and Social Sciences

Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Science

Aleksandar Dusic, MD

Aleksandar Dusic, MD graduated in 1992 from The Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade in Serbia and obtained his MSc degree in Population Health in 2003 from The University of Belgrade. Dr. Dusic is ECFMG certified and has 12 years of teaching experience. Presently, he teaches Behavior Science, and has taught subjects such as Physiology, Psychology, and Medical Ethics, and is involved in research activities in Health and Medicine and Clinical Correlation of Basic Science. He has actively mentored teams of medical students with statistical analysis and oversaw their research projects which resulted in several publications in scientific journals. Also, Dr. Dusic is engaged in community voluntary works and activities; he acted as a Chairman of the Curriculum subcommittee and Chairman of the Research Committee, and acted as a counselor for students doing clinical rotations in U.S. hospitals giving them directions and advice on how to study more efficiently for NBME and USMLE exams.

Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science

John D. Kulpa, PhD

Dr. Kulpa holds a PhD in Psychology from New Mexico State University in the United States. He has published research on the relation between perception and action, the learning of novel skills, and the effectiveness of educational interventions. His MA and PhD theses (respectively) explored performance of motor skills under pressure and computer-automated methods for measuring and modeling subjective similarity judgments. He has also conducted preliminary research on problem gambling. Dr. Kulpa is an experienced teacher and educational innovator, favoring close engagement with students through Socratic dialogue, team- and problem-based learning, teaching/learning theatre, and intelligently balancing technology-mediated and in-person experiences. His current research and pedagogical interests include the use of simulation in medical education, the place of medical humanities, medical ethics from a phenomenological point of view, contextual considerations in the practice of medicine, self-care for students and medical professionals, and how to live your best life with others.

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology

Diana C. Wever-Salcedo, MD

Dr. Wever-Salcedo is currently a Director and Psychologist at MIND+, a company located in Aruba. She graduated from Leiden University in 2007 with her Bachelors in Psychology, and then in 2008 she graduated with her Masters in Occupational Health Psychology from Leiden University. Since 2013 she has been an active member of the organizing committee of the Professional Woman Network.

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