Mission and Vision

The mission of Xavier University School of Medicine at Aruba is to prepare physicians to practice compassionate primary care medicine of the highest standard.  The Xavier trained physician shall be an excellent clinician and advocate for public health in whatever country they practice.  The Xavier trained physician shall also have an inquiring, scientifically trained mind ready to identify and propose solutions to fundamental questions in the mechanisms, prevention and treatment of disease, as well as the social and economic consequences of the health care decisions that are made.

Educational Competencies/Objectives

  • The Science and Practice of Medicine:  The ability to apply scientific principles and knowledge for effective patient care
  • Clinical Competence:  Use of own learned knowledge, research, and proper technology to treat patients
  • The Social Context of Medicine:  Understanding of how social, behavioral, and economic factors can influence health and the health care system
  • Communication:  Explaining and sharing information with patients, their families, and fellow team members
  • Professionalism:  Judging situations in an ethical and critical manner to ensure that the correct steps are taken in each case
  • Lifelong Learning:  Actively pursue new knowledge even when deep into a career