Prerequisites For Medical School

  • Jan 15, 2016
  • By Daniel Moses

No matter where you apply in the United States, medical school admission is competitive as they compare applicants based on their academic accomplishments as early as the beginning of their undergraduate and high school studies. At the end of the day, students that display the most motivation with high academic capabilities and perseverance are chosen by admissions committees being that these individuals are those that seem most capable of not only surviving, but progressing through the next step of their medical education.


Your individuality and devotion to the field won’t be enough to impress the admissions committees of medical schools in the United States.  In fact, the very first two areas of your application that they glance at are your MCAT score and undergraduate grade point average. So, if you don’t think you are able to get at least a 3.7 grade point average and a 27 or higher on your MCAT score then you should reconsider the schools in which you are applying to.


But, this doesn’t mean you have to panic. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of becoming a physician. There are other possibilities that you might not even be aware of yet. In fact, medical schools in the Caribbean are less likely to only consider your numbers in comparison to your essays and other evidence of interest and potential as a successful candidate. At the Xavier University School of Medicine in Aruba, the admissions committee will be more impressed by your unique characteristics, which can very well display your potential as a future medical student.


By now you have probably started considering medical school as a next step. You have probably viewed some MCAT books and maybe even took a few practice tests, viewed your score and then maybe panicked. I’ve been in your shoes. Standardized tests are daunting and personally, I don’t think they reflect my intelligence and academic capabilities at all. Then you have to face the question of whether or not you want to sign up for MCAT extra help such as tutoring or classes, which are quite expensive alone. This process can get both financially messy and stressful while this is just one step of getting into medical school. If you are like me, then you’ll find this method to be a waste of time. Can’t admissions committees just value this hard work alone? Maybe that would be the case in a fantasy world. Unfortunately, you must both suffer through this and succeed on test day. The chance of succeeding through this scenario is never guaranteed and is just not for everyone.


At the Xavier University School of Medicine or “XUSOM”, the prerequisites are straightforward. In other words, you won’t be tempted to pull your hair out nor will you be tempted to reevaluate your life choices, like choosing to be a physician as a profession. The admissions committee only requires you to submit transcripts from all professional schools that you have attended, two letters of recommendation, a professional resume, and for you to answer a few structured questions.  It’s that simple. Notice that I never mentioned the MCAT?


Applying to a Caribbean medical school can undoubtedly be an easier route. You will realize this and thank yourself the day you receive that letter in the mail congratulating you on your admission.

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