Guest Lecture by Dr. Steven Daugherty

Guest Lecture by Dr. Steven Daugherty

  • Nov 12, 2018
  • By Daniel Moses

Faculty Session

By: Dr.Pawlak

On Tuesday October 30th, the XUSOM faculty and students were treated to a guest lecture from a very distinguished faculty member from Becker Professional Education, Dr. Steven R. Daugherty.  After speaking to the students about tips on how to prepare for USMLE exams, Dr. Daugherty gave a two hour talk to the faculty about how to prepare USMLE type questions and how to properly prepare students to answer level 3 type questions that are currently used on the USMLE Step 1 exam.  A level three type question is essentially 3 questions in one.  The student will need to make three correct decisions to get one question correct.  A level one question requires a student to recall information and tests knowledge.  A level 3 type question tests knowledge, comprehension and application all in one question.

He also presented his 10 basic question rules to help with question writing, and some tips on helping students deal with test anxiety.  Test anxiety results from focusing on the negative and the fear of failure.  If you remove the negativity and focus instead on how to find success you will be much more successful.

Overall, Dr. Daugherty was a great speaker who kept his audience engaged and interested from start to finish.  It was truly helpful and I personally learned a lot from the experience.

Student Session:

By: Dr.Bhat

Dr. Steven Daugherty came to XUSOM as a guest speaker for a Becker-sponsored workshop. This workshop involved two sessions; an hour long combined session for students of all semesters, and a three-hour faculty development session for the XUSOM faculty.

In the students’ session, Dr. Daugherty addressed the students on the topic “USMLE taking skills”. He explained to the students how to distribute their “Content study time” with “practice questions time”, how to handle a practice question by simply looking at the vignette, trying to answer the question without looking at the options, and how to proceed if you are not able to answer a practice question. Dr. Daugherty explained to students that if they were not able to answer a question, it meant that either they were not fully ready with the knowledge or not fully trained with the process. If it was the first case, then students needed to go back to their “content study” before doing the practice questions again. If it was the second case, then students needed to read the question again and try to answer. If they answered it right, then they had automatically rectified the process. If they didn’t then it only meant that their process was right, and their knowledge needed to be improved. Dr. Daugherty also expressed to the students the need to not rely fully on the explanations given for each answer but go by their own knowledge and experience.

Finally, the students interacted with Dr. Daugherty by asking questions and expressed that they found the session very informative and helpful.