Success In Medical School

How to Ensure Success in Medical School

  • Jun 07, 2016
  • By Daniel Moses

You’re heading to medical school – congrats! You’ve worked hard for this achievement and should be very proud. You can’t wait to fulfill your dream as a physician and help improve the health of others. While you are looking forward to the next step of your medical career, however, you can’t help but feel… terrified.


You’re not alone. In fact, even the most prestigious students sometimes decide not to attend medical school after acceptance due to overwhelming feelings of anxiety and nervousness. The endless stomach-churning thoughts begin to hit. While many fear the immense workload that will be bestowed upon them starting on the very first day, others fear moving away from home and adjusting to a new environment.


Don’t worry. These uneasy feelings are normal. Why give up after all of the hard work you put into to get here?  There are a number of ways to ensure that your transition into med school goes as smoothly as possible. This begins with the way you view yourself. In other words, just do you. Go to bed early, don’t cram, show up to class on time, eat breakfast, go for a run etc. These minor actions go a long way and will help you feel better during this transition because you are doing you. Maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit are vital to succeed in medical school. Your outlook on life will become more positive, you will become more confident, and thus, will be more than able to take on the hard work and upcoming challenges.


At the Xavier University School of Medicine, our unique attributes will aid to your personal and academic success. Located in Aruba, XUSOM is surrounded by sunny beaches and calm weather. Students recognize a correlation between tranquility and better learning outcomes while being immersed in a serene environment as it diminishes any feelings of extra and unwanted stress. A sense of positivity can develop this way, which is ideal in an academic setting.


While a positive mentality can clearly help, we can’t ignore all of the other factors that appear to be inevitable. This includes, our favorite – the heavy workload. There is no getting around this, but there are ways in which you can prepare. Do your research beforehand, reach out to current students, understand the curriculum, and then purchase books that can be of help. Becoming familiar with the material in advance will give you a leg up. At XUSOM, each of our corresponding institutions provides students with Pre Med and MD academic curriculums on our websites so there are no surprises once you arrive to campus.


Still feeling uneasy and need more reassurance? If so, you can always seek extra help. Our admissions committee at XUSOM is always ready to help and answer any questions you might have.  In addition, whether it is academic or emotional support, our trained staff and faculty on our campuses are more than willing to assist you with anything you need during your time with us.


So, stop letting your thoughts get the best of you. Remember, nothing worth doing ever comes easy. All of those you help in the future will be glad you did it and most importantly, you will be glad you did it.

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