Why Study at a Caribbean Medical School?  

  • Apr 08, 2016
  • By Daniel Moses

The pressure of getting into Medical School can be daunting, especially for those that have struggled with the MCAT, tuition expenses, and a lower high school GPA. These numbers alone are enough to control the likelihood of your acceptance and progression and thus, can steer you away from fulfilling your dream of becoming a physician.


Medical schools in the Caribbean are aware of these limitations. At the Xavier University School of Medicine, we understand everyday struggles and take every aspect into account during our decision making process. This includes your aspirations, your knowledge of medicine, your letters of recommendation and what you convey to us in your essays.  Our goal is to give you a second chance as we believe in your devotion and your ability to become a successful physician one day.


Attending our school in Aruba will provide you with the same academic resources that you’d get at any other Medical School in the United States plus more. Provided that we are a smaller institution, our smaller and more personable classroom sizes will grant you the attention that you deserve. Our faculty is here to help guide you every step of the way from the application process to graduation day. You’d be on a first name basis with your professors, all whom would be able to learn about you and care for your individual academic needs. Your individuality will be acknowledged so you won’t have to worry about becoming just another “fish in the sea.”


Studying at Caribbean Medical Schools will project you to a diverse environment. Meeting peers from around the world will enable you to gain insight on various cultures that you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.  You’ll build lifelong friendships with peers that have similar interests whether it is though campus activities, in the classroom, or though clubs and sports.


Let’s not forget about the Caribbean itself. While a medical student is studying hard in school, many prefer to be situated in a calm and soothing environment so one can place their priorities on their academics to avoid any unwanted stress-related situations, which includes weather fluctuations.  Also, you could avoid all traveling-related stress. For example, Aruba is a very well connected island with over 150 flights per week to the United States and Canada.


Many successful doctors have graduated from Medical Schools in the Caribbean, some of whom wouldn’t have been able to pursue their career if these options weren’t available. In fact, according to XUSOM, “XUSOM students have a 94% pass rate on the USMLE Step 1, which is a leading performance indicator among international medical schools located in the Caribbean.” These graduates are not only continuing their dream, but are contributing their time and knowledge to help improve population health. Medical Schools in the Caribbean such as XUSOM have helped them achieve these extraordinary accomplishments.


Everyone deserves to follow their dream despite his or her numbers. Don’t let these limitations stop you. You will find a medical education experience in the Caribbean to be both academically and emotionally rewarding.


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