2017 White Coat Ceremony

  • Sep 22, 2017
  • By Daniel Moses

By: Jennifer Khan


For me, science is a family approach. Ever since I could remember, medicine was embedded within my family, as my dad would tell me stories about his research shortly after attending medical school. I grew curious about how he was able to pursue his dreams, and research so liberally and enthusiastically about his passion. My intense drive led to shadowing many doctors, working as a scribe, and pursuing a biology degree. Eventually, my journey escalated when I began at Xavier University School of Medicine.


On September 15th 2017, I joined my class of approximately 47 students in Xavier University School of Medicine’s Class of 2021 in receiving our white coats. The White Coat Ceremony is a huge milestone for every student anticipating to become a physician.


It was a huge achievement to walk up on stage, to be coated by the two deans of the university, and to take the oath. It was an incredible honor to be able to come to this stage in my life. However, this is also a reminder that we have so much to learn, so many steps to take, and so many roads to cross, but it’s definitely an uphill battle in expanding our knowledge to help others in need.


As an aspiring physician, it is a blessing to be able to treat others with medicine as well as with our warmth. It is important to remember everything we were taught during the White Coat Ceremony as it was held as a passage to our careers in this field. A perfect mixture of the right school and the correct atmosphere as the teachers took students in like family was the vibe at the White Coat Ceremony. The faces of today were cultivating the minds of tomorrow was the message sent at the end of an inspirational night as everyone went home with fuller hearts of hope.

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