Xavier Host Inter-Professional Workshop

Xavier Hosts Inter-Professional Collaborative Workshop

  • Apr 12, 2019
  • By Daniel Moses

By: Jonathan Rogers, MD 4


The 28th and 29th of March saw another one of Xavier’s workshops for current students. Xavier, in partnership with Atlantic Dialysis Management Services, hosted an Inter-Professional Collaborative Workshop. This time, the opportunity was afforded to MD3 and MD4 students. The 2-day event focused on highlighting areas of clinical medicine and the different aspects of working within a team setting. The interactive lectures included outlining the different roles that contribute to patient care in the clinical setting. The teams set out to show which type of professionals are called upon in the hospital setting, to work with physicians whom are charged with patient care.

Such professionals included the roles of Registered Nurses, dietitians, Human-Resources representatives, Administrative representatives and a physician.


The goal was simply laid out to the participants who were that each healthcare team member would take the time to lead an activity with the group and try to demonstrate the key roles that each member brings to the table when it comes to managing patients and balancing the ever-changing needs of a dynamic hospital setting.


From incorporating patient dietary needs, to dealing with family members to navigating and defining ‘malpractice‘ and learning to balance daily needs, there was something new for everyone to learn.

What was a general consensus was that this was informative and well put together. We got to work with our fellow colleagues under different circumstances and had to work in groups to accomplish tasks all while learning to recognize and appreciate the healthcare teams which we will be joining during out clinical rotations.

All in all, this was a great event and helpful for our progressing medical careers.