Choose the Right Medical School for Your Future

Want to be a part of the ultimate vacation experience while earning your medical degree? Pursue your dream of becoming a physician at Xavier University School of Medicine. Our convenient location in the heart of downtown Aruba, combined with our strong academics, makes Xavier University School of Medicine the right medical school for your future.


  • Tuition that is Affordable

At Xavier, students receive a quality medical education at an affordable price. Full financial aid is available to those who qualify. We also award academic scholarships for up to 50%. If money is a concern, then consider Xavier.


  • An Admissions Process that reviews the student as a Whole

Xavier uses a holistic approach to evaluate prospective students. This means that students are evaluated based on qualities outside of just test scores. The MCAT is not required to apply. Three start dates are offered in January, May, and September, and admission occurs on a rolling basis.


  • Students don’t get Lost in a Crowd

Small class sizes mean that students will not get lost in large lecture-style classes. They have the opportunity to work closely with our faculty who want to get to know their students more personally.Our classes use small-group and team-group methods of teaching.


  • U.S.-Modeled Curriculum

Xavier uses the same system-based integrated curriculum model as medical schools in the United States. This means that teaching medicine is organized by the systems of the body, such as the cardiovascular or respiratory system. Our curriculum prepares students for the future, as indicated by our 96% first time USMLE Step 1 passing rate.


  • U.S. Clinical Rotations that make our students Competitive

Students at Xavier perform clinical rotations at ACGME certified teaching hospitals in the United States and Canada. This means our students have the advantage of the same clinical exposure and opportunities as the U.S. medical students. Our alumni cite this as an advantage when they applied to U.S. residencies.


  • Accreditations that Elevate Us

Xavier is accredited by a number of bodies, including the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Health Professions (CAAM-HP), and the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM), and more. We are also listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, which is a requirement for USMLE eligibility. These accreditations make our students eligible for U.S. residencies.


  • An Environment like no Other

Aruba’s idyllic weather provides students with calm surroundings to study medicine. The dry climate means it rarely rains, and the cool breeze means it is never too hot. Plus, Aruba sits outside the hurricane belt. It is also an easy location to travel to, with direct flights to the United States and Canada.

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