Xavier SGA BBQ Beach Bash

  • Feb 18, 2019
  • By Daniel Moses

By: Taylor Heverly, MD 2

The Student Government Association at Xavier is an important student run organization that essentially bridges the gap between the students and the school. SGA is responsible for governing student interests, advocating the concerns of students to administration, providing support and recognition for student organizations, and serving the students at XUSOM by hosting activities and events that enhance student life, like the semester-annual White Coat Ceremony.


On Wednesday, February 13th Student Government Association hosted their second BBQ beach bash at Splash Park Aruba. Aside from the White Coat Ceremony, the beach bash is the best way for incoming medical students to get to know their professors and senior classmates. Last semester, as an MD 1 student, being able to take a step back from classes and share some whole-hearted laughs with my peers and professors made the school seem like more of a family. It is so easy for us as medical students to get caught up in the books and forget how healing an evening on the beach truly is. This semester was no different, as the student body came together to enjoy some fun in the water and delicious Aruban BBQ. This semester, SGA had XUSOM t-shirts made that were a hit amongst us all! It was a night we won’t soon forget, and one we will all be looking forward to again next semester!