Behavioral Science

Dr. Gabriel Andrade, PhD

Dr. Gabriel Andrade received a Doctorate of Human Sciences from Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela. He has had teaching experience in Venezuela, Colombia and the Marshall Islands for more than ten years. He has received research grants for research in Canada, the United States and Spain, by the respective governments of those countries.  He has written peer-reviewed articles and books on Psychology and Philosophy. His research interests are in Medical Ethics, Religion and Health, and Evolutionary Psychology. He writes frequently op-ed pieces on ethics and current affairs in The Prindle Post.

Sharon Burgler

Sharon is a Stress Management Expert with more than 20 years of experience in coaching and training of medical specialists, lawyers, officers, management groups and board members of large companies. She is specialized in the unique emotional, psychological and physiological needs of doctors who are nearly stressed out or with experience of burn-out.