Professor of Gross & Developmental Anatomy

Dr. Gil L. Apacible serves as Special Assistant to the President, Dean of Student Affairs, and Professor of Gross & Developmental Anatomy.

Dr. Apacible earned his B.S. in Preparatory Medicine (1967-1971) in the Institute of Arts & Sciences, Far Eastern University, and graduated “cum laude.” He continued his medical education in the Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation, Far Eastern University, and graduated in 1975.

Associate Professor of Anatomy and Medical Terminology

Dr. Apacible II earned a Bachelor’s degree in 1994 in Pre-Dental Sciences from Centro Escolar University in the Philippines. He went on to graduate from the same University in 1998 as a Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Histology

Dr. Lalit Mehra received his MBBS from Kasturba Medical College, where he passed in First Class. He then went on to complete his M.D. at Lady Hardinge Medical College, where he completed a residency in Surgical Anatomy. He conducted research in rare anomalies and the clinical anatomy of coronary venous circulation, and participated in a number of conferences and workshops both as a delegate and as a presenter.

Assistant Professor of Anatomy

Dr. Manisha Hansda received her MBBS and her MD from Lady Hardinge Medical College in India. She has served as a delegate for a number of conferences, workshops, and training programs, and has organized a number of these events as well.