Alumni Global Meet

Xavier University School of Medicine is excited to announce its third annual Alumni Global Meet, 2019!

What is the Alumni Global Meet?


The Alumni Global Meet is an opportunity for Xavier alumni, faculty, and current students to come together and share their experiences and advice, and have a fun weekend in Aruba. Alumni will relive their days on the Happy Island and network with former classmates, professors, and Clinical Chairs. Students will hear from alumni and ask their burning questions about life after medical school. Residency program directors will also be in attendance to give presentations on a variety of topics.

When is the Alumni Global Meet?


This year’s Alumni Global Meet is on Thursday, October 3rd- Saturday, October 5th.

What events are included in the Alumni Global Meet?


  • An Alumni day at Xavier
  • Panel discussions on topics such as Residency programs and preparing for Step 1
  • Networking opportunities with students, faculty, clinical chairs, and alumni
  • Special guest lectures from residency program directors
  • Time on the beautiful island of Aruba

Why should I attend the Alumni Global Meet?


Those who attended the Alumni Global Meet last year found it to be an overall positive experience.


As an Xavier alumni or clinical student, you can help your fellow Xavier comrades and provide them with useful advice as they continue their medical school journeys. Share your experiences, challenges, and excitements with others who can learn from you. Help educate the next set of Xavier graduates so they are prepared for life after medical school.


Reconnecting with faculty members is another exciting element of the Alumni Global Meet, both for the alumni and the faculty members who helped shape them into the doctors they are now. Faculty members want to see what alumni have achieved since graduating, and the Meet allows for a face-to-face connection.


The Clinical Chairs’ attendance at the Global Meet is a valuable networking opportunity for alumni and students alike. It can also help better prepare basic science students for clinicals as they learn more about the process from the doctors themselves.


Special guest residency directors will teach both students and alumni about various topics in the field of medicine. Directors can educate students on what it takes to Match, and alumni can learn about careers in medicine after residency.


Not only does the Alumni Global Meet provide all of these learning and networking opportunities, but it is also the chance to come back to the island of Aruba and have a nice weekend there!

I’m interested! How do I register?

Please Register by: August 31st, 2019

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